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Aira Product Description:

Aira is a unique service making information that is easily available to the sighted readily accessible to people with vision loss. Aira extends independence by providing real time and location-specific auditory narrative about surroundings, environment and other information needed to accomplish day-to-day tasks or enhance virtually any experience with a deeply enriched perspective. In any given week, Aira is used hundreds of ways.

We call Aira users “Explorers” and they range from the young to the elderly with varying degrees of blindness. Some have low vision and others are totally blind. They are discovering a multitude of ways to apply Aira technology and services to live even more fully independent daily lives at home, at work, at school or just out and about on a social evening.

About Aira

The seeds for starting Aira were planted in 2014 when Suman Kanuganti and Yuja Chang struck up a friendship with a blind communications professional Matt Brock. This led them to begin discussing how Google Glass technology could be used to help the blind and visually impaired become more mobile and independent. Using this concept, Kanuganti and Chang were inspired to create a service akin to "OnStar" for the blind. Aira develops transformative remote assistive technology that connects the blind with a network of certified agents via wearable smart glasses and an augmented reality dashboard that allows agents to see what the blind person sees in real time. Agents, serving as visual interpreters for the blind, help users accomplish a wide range of daily tasks and activities - from navigating busy streets to recognizing faces and literally traveling the world.

Aira website:

Selected Plan Details:

Term: 3 Months
Minutes: 1,200 Minutes
Number of Users: 1
Number of Devices: 1
Software Upgrades: Unlimited
Hardware Upgrades: 0
Price: $3,358.80

The listed prices for Aira sevices and hardware are negotiated between FBC and AIRA for purchasing Aira's sevices and hardware through the FBC by vocational rehabilitation clients, employees, and/or affiliates. For individual commercial client pricing, please go to