Aira Horizon Smart Glasses

Aira Horizon Smart Glasses

  • $ 1,035.00

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Alra is a unique service making information that is easily available to the sighted readily
accessible to people with vision loss. Aira extends independence by providing real time and
location-specific auditory narrative about surroundings, environment and other information
needed to accomplish day-to-day tasks or enhance virtually any experience with a deeply
enriched perspective. In any given week, Aira is used hundreds of ways.
We call Aira users "Explorers" and they range from the young to the elderly with varying degrees
of blindness. Some have low vision and others are totally blind. They are discovering a multitude
of ways to apply Aira technology and services to live even more fully independent daily lives at
home, at work, at school or just out and about on a social evening.

The listed prices for Aira sevices and hardware are negotiated between FBC and AIRA for
purchasing Alra's sevices and hardware through the FBC by vocational rehabilitation clients,
employees, and/or affiliates. For individual commercial client pricing, please go to