ClearView C HD24"

ClearView C HD24"

  • $ 3,550.00

•Continuous magnification: 1.5X – 75X (optional: up to 170X)
•Superior High Definition 1080p video processing for ultra sharp and vivid images
•24-inch full colour TFT widescreen display
•Adjustable document viewing modes:
- Full color photo mode
- 16 selectable high contrast color combinations to improve contrast for better visibility
- From 1 to 4 selectable color combination presets
•Optional: large Comfort table top; ideal for reading larger documents or doing craftwork (see ‘Accessories’)
•Adjustable brightness
•Adjustable contrast
•Overview function
•Focus lock
•Position locator
•Reading lines
•Window / blinds
•Adjustable setup:
- Standard (Compact) setup, ideal for daily use
- Comfort setup, ideal for reading large documents, such as newspapers and doing craftwork
•Integrated lighting for even illumination, and elimination of reflections when reading glossy documents
•Easy-glide reading table with X and Y direction adjustable friction and X and Y brake
•PC connection to switch between ClearView C and PC image
•Dimensions base unit footprint: 42 x 51 cm / 16.5 in x 20.1 in
•Weight: 16.4 kg / 36.2 lb