ONYX Deskset HD 22:

ONYX Deskset HD 22:

  • $ 2,600.00

With its integrated camera and monitor, the ONYX Deskset HD lets you read what you want, whether it’s across the room or at your desk. The 3-in-1 flexible camera provides document reading, distance viewing, and self-viewing modes with versatile controls, adapting from one viewing situation to the next as quickly as you do.
•Self-contained and easy to carry
• Magnification up to 105x
• Available in various LCD sizes
•Distance, document, and self views
•Camera settings saved for each view
•Camera rotation in all three directions
•33 high-contrast color viewing modes (6 default plus 27 configurable)
•True full color plus high-contrast full color
•Freeze Frame
•Adjustable Reading Lines, Masks, and Shades
•Find Feature
•Focus Lock
•Unique, pocket-sized RF remote control
•Available with optional rolling carrying case