SmartView Graduate

SmartView Graduate

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The SmartView Graduate is the perfect companion for any student or traveling professional. It is ideally suited for those who need to see things on their desk as well as across the room, and for those who need to get up and go! The SmartView Graduate is easy to use, light to carry, and simple to set up, whether it is in a classroom, a lecture hall or at a seminar. Lightweight The SmartView Graduate weighs only 2.5 pounds (1.1kg), so it is very lightweight, portable and won’t be a burden on your mobility. Compact The Graduate splits into three main components that easily fit in your computer bag. Setup is quick, going from bag to desk in under one minute. With its optional traveling case, it has a secure place for all its components. The case can be carried separately or fit easily into your backpack. Flexible The Graduate gets its power from your laptop using two USB 2.0 cables. So it doesn’t have to be near a wall outlet. You can use it just about anywhere you take your laptop! Powerful The Graduate can magnify up to 50X, so you will be able to see things near and far in the size that suits you best. Zoom controls are available on both the unit itself and your keyboard. Valuable The SmartView Graduate is designed to make your life easier whether you are a student, traveling professional, or even a computer savvy senior. It is rich with features but has tremendous value as one of the most affordable solutions of its kind. You won’t want to leave home without it! Memorable The SmartView Graduate can take a snapshot of its images and store them on your laptop as an easy to use JPEG file. It can do this in two ways with simple key strokes. If you are pressed for time, simply time and date stamp each picture to sort out later, or name each immediately and file it right away for best organization. Controllable Set up the SmartView Graduate to work for you. It has zoom-in and zoom-out buttons right on the camera, or use the simple but powerful keystrokes on your PC. Flip the image, freeze the image, invoke high-contrast colors to read text, save images where you want them. The Graduate is under your control. Adaptable The SmartView Graduate has the ability to magnify handouts and papers on your desk, or bring the blackboard, whiteboard, overhead presentation or speaker from across the room closer. It adapts to your needs quickly and easily, and can go back and forth between desk and distance effortlessly. Main Features: Magnification: Up to 50x Camera: Color, autofocus Distance and desktop mode Zoom control 360° rotation General: Distance and desktop viewing Image capture and storage on PC Adjustable contrast and brightness High-contrast viewing modes Image rotation Freeze picture Rapid setup Includes: Camera, arm and base CD (software and documentation) USB Cables Installation Guide Dimensions and weight: Assembled: 12(l) x 9(w) x 15.5(h) in (22.8x30x39 cm) Weight: 2.5 lbs (1.1 Kg)