SmartView Xtend 22"

SmartView Xtend 22"

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SmartView Xtend Desktop Magnifier designed by you - the SmartView Xtend has been carefully designed to offer people with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or other eye conditions increased flexibility and additional functionality By magnifying and enlarging text, objects, and actions, the SmartView Xtend Screen Magnifier makes everyday activities like viewing photos, reading labels, browsing through a magazine, writing cheques, and doing a crossword easy once again One base model tailored to your needs - getting started is easy with the SmartView Xtend. It includes all the basic features you’d expect, plus a few more that our customers asked for. If you decide you want to upgrade your SmartView to include more features, you can - easily and affordably, by choosing any of the SmartView Xtend modules Our customers asked and we listened - each Xtend module has been designed to fit specific customer profiles identified through usability research. We study users' backgrounds and their daily routine, then closely monitor how they use our product Usability is where the vision of our product development team meets the real-world demands of our customers. It is this vital research that has made the SmartView Xtend more useful, usable and desirable Desirable - What You Want One base model tailored to your needs - If you decide you want more features, you can with any of the SmartView Xtend modules. Flat out better viewing - A flat screen monitor is fitted to the SmartView Xtend by an ergonomically designed arm. You wanted a better picture - The SmartView Xtend offers you one of the most accurate & flexible color pictures on the market. Made to fit your environment - a clean, simple design with neutral coloring. A lifetime of lighting - With the SmartView Xtend’s unique LED lighting design, you never need to worry about replacing lightbulbs. Simple preset magnification - set and return to your favorite magnification setting. Lines and blinds - guide you around the page and remove distracting clutter. Enhanced page locator - easier document navigation. Precise zoom control - allowing you to set the zoom level you want. Easy to Use - thanks to asking people like you. Clearly marked buttons - easy to recognize symbols. Each button has only one primary function. Brightness control on the front panel - You have independent control of the brightness and contrast of your image whether you are in text or picture mode. Less glare - now even shiny material can be viewed with ease. More control - The SmartView Xtend’s optional remote lets you position the controls where you want. A smooth slide - The reading table gives smooth “hands on” manipulation which helps you keep your place when reading